Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas

Born: May 20, 1949
Age: 74
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  • Dave Thomas (actor) (born 1949), Canadian actor and comedian
  • David A. Thomas (voice actor) (born 1962), voice actor, also known as Dave Thomas
  • David Thomas (composer) (1881-1928), Welsh composer
  • David Thomas (musician) (born 1953), American singer, songwriter, and musician, member of group Pere Ubu
  • David Thomas (Dewi Hefin) (1828-1909), Welsh poet and schoolteacher
  • David Thomas (singer) (born 1943), British early-music and baroque-music singer
  • David St John Thomas (1929-2014), English publisher and writer
  • Dave Thomas (director), Canadian animation director
  • David Thomas (author) (born 1959), English author, also known as Tom Cain
  • David Thomas (born 1966), musician with Take 6
  • David Thomas (born 1973), actor Vice Principals


  • David Thomas (businessman) (born 1963), British businessman, CEO of Barratt Developments
  • David Thomas (industrialist) (1794-1882), Welsh industrialist
  • David Alfred Thomas, 1st Viscount Rhondda (1856-1918), Welsh industrialist and politician
  • David A. Thomas (software developer), Canadian software technology figure
  • Dave Thomas (businessman) (1932-2002), founder, former chairman & spokesperson of the North American Wendy's fast-food chain
  • David Chandler Thomas (born 1954), American economist and technology executive


  • David Thomas (New York politician) (1762-1831), American politician, Congressman from New York
  • David Thomas (Texas politician) (1795-1836), American politician, signer of Texas Declaration of Independence
  • David Thomas (British politician) (1892-1954), Welsh Labour politician
  • David Thomas (MEP) (born 1955), British Labour politician
  • David L. Thomas (born 1949), American politician, South Carolina state Senator


  • David Thomas (Archdeacon of Montgomery) (1833-1916), Welsh priest and historian
  • David Thomas (Archdeacon of Cardigan) (died 1951), Welsh priest
  • David Thomas (missionary priest) (1829-1905), Welsh priest
  • David Thomas (born 1813) (1813-1894), Welsh preacher and publisher
  • David Thomas (bishop) (1942-2017), Welsh bishop, Provincial Assistant Bishop for the Church in Wales


  • David Thomas (Canadian scientist), Canadian biochemist
  • David Thomas (geographer) (born 1958), British geographer
  • David Gilbert Thomas (1928-2015), British-American chemist and physicist
  • David Hurst Thomas (born 1945), American archaeologist
  • Dave Thomas (skeptic) (born 1953), American physicist and mathematician known for his scientific skepticism
  • Dave Thomas (programmer) (born 1956), British-American computer programmer and writer


  • David John Thomas (1879-1925), Welsh international rugby player
  • David Thomas (American football) (born 1983), American football player
  • David Thomas (beach volleyball) (born 1974), Trinidad and Tobago beach volleyball player
  • David Thomas (cricketer, born 1911) (1911-2001), Welsh cricketer
  • David Thomas (cricketer, born 1959) (1959-2012), English cricketer
  • David Thomas (cricketer, born 1963), former English cricketer
  • David Thomas (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1900s for Wales, Halifax, and Mid-Rhondda
  • Dai Thomas (footballer, born 1975), Welsh footballer
  • Dai Thomas (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1900s for Other Nationalities, and Oldham
  • Dai Thomas (1909-?), Welsh international rugby player
  • Dave Thomas (basketball) (born 1976), Canadian basketball player
  • Dave Thomas (cornerback) (born 1968), American football player
  • Dave Thomas (footballer, born 1917) (1917-1991), English footballer
  • Dai Thomas (footballer, born 1926) (1926-2014), Swansea City A.F.C. and Welsh international footballer
  • Dave Thomas (footballer, born 1950), English footballer
  • Dave Thomas (golfer) (1934-2013), Welsh golfer
  • Dave Thomas (rugby union) (born 1988), New Zealand rugby player


  • David Cuthbert Thomas (1896-1916), Welsh soldier of the First World War
  • David Winton Thomas (1901-1970), professor of Hebrew
  • David A. Thomas (academic) (born 1956), Dean of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University
  • David A. Thomas (educator) (1917-2004), American educator and the seventh Dean of the S.C
  • David Oswald Thomas (1924-2005), Welsh philosopher
  • David N. Thomas (born 1945), Welsh writer
  • David Thomas (murderer) (died 1995), executed Vincentian criminal
  • David M. Thomas Jr. (fl. 1981-present), officer in the United States Navy
  • David V. Thomas (born 1942), Crown Jeweler for the English monarchy
  • David Thomas (judge), Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland

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