Ike Eisenmann

Ike Eisenmann

Birth name: Ike Keith Eisenmann
Born: July 21, 1962
Age: 61
Birthplace: Houston, Texas, US
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Ike Eisenmann (born July 21, 1962) is an American actor, voice actor, producer, and sound-effects specialist who has been active in the entertainment industry since childhood.


Early life and education

Eisenmann was born Ike Keith Eisenmann in Houston, Texas, the son of Ruth Ann (née Gumney) and Albert Able Eisenmann, who was also an actor, well known in Houston as KTRK channel 13's children's show host "Cadet Don" and brother of the actor Albert Able Eisenmann II.


Having appeared on TV shows in the early 1970s, Ike Eisenmann first came to prominence as Tony, the brother of Tia (Kim Richards), in Walt Disney Productions' film Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) and its sequel. Return from Witch Mountain (1978). in the Green Giant commercial in (1972-1989) he voices sprout. He also appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) as engineering cadet Peter Preston, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott's nephew, who dies.

Eisenmann starred in the NBC TV series The Fantastic Journey, and made appearances in other series including CHiPs, T. J. Hooker, The Jeffersons, Wonder Woman, Kung Fu, several episodes of Gunsmoke, and several appearances on the ABC Afterschool Special. He also appeared in the TV movies Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell and Terror Out of the Sky in 1978. Eisenmann starred in the made-for-television 1982 movie Dreams Don't Die as New York subway graffiti artist Danny Baker, who tries to publish his art professionally. Though not a critical success, the film enjoyed cult status during late night rebroadcasts.

Eisenmann continued to appear in minor television roles as a teen, such as on the sitcom The Jeffersons. He also appeared in the 1978 mini-series The Bastard as the Marquis de LaFayette. His other film roles included The Formula (1980) opposite Marlon Brando and George C. Scott, Cross Creek (1983) directed by Martin Ritt, and Disney's Tom and Huck (1995) in a minor role.

Most recent work

In recent years, Eisenmann's career has been in post-production, working under an alternative spelling of his name, Iake Eisinmann. He appeared in the spoof The Blair Witch Mountain Project.

The 2009 Witch Mountain remake, Race to Witch Mountain, features Ike in a cameo along with his original co-star, Kim Richards. Richards and Eisenmann appear together (in the same scene) as a waitress and a sheriff, respectively.


  • Green Giant (1972-1989 commercial)
  • Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
  • The Kansas City Massacre (1975, TV movie)
  • Banjo Hackett: Roamin' Free (1976, TV movie)
  • Kit Carson and the Mountain Men (1977, TV movie)
  • Return from Witch Mountain (1978)
  • The Bastard (1978, TV miniseries)
  • Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978, TV movie)
  • Terror Out of the Sky (1978, TV movie)
  • The Formula (1980)
  • Dreams Don't Die (1982, TV movie)
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
  • Cross Creek (1983)
  • Tom and Huck (1995)
  • Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

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