Tyron Leitso

Tyron Leitso

Born: January 7, 1976
Age: 48
Birthplace: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Tyron Leitso (born January 7, 1976) is a Canadian actor.


Life and career

Leitso was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He entered the acting industry when he worked as an extra on several Vancouver-based television productions, including The X Files and Millennium. Leitso's first speaking role was for an episode in 1998 in the series Breaker High for UPN. He was cast as a lead, Derek MacMahon, in season one of the CBC teen drama Edgemont in 2000. He was also featured in the 2001 live-action remake of the tale of Snow White playing Prince Alfred, as well as a TV biography of singer John Denver and the miniseries Dinotopia.

In film, Leitso has appeared in My Life Without Me, starring Sarah Polley, and played one of the leads (Simon) in House of the Dead.

Leitso was featured as the romantic lead in the 2004 short-lived dramedy Wonderfalls, where he plays a husband whose wife cheated on him. In 2006, he starred in three episodes in the Canadian ensemble drama Whistler. Starting in 2009, he became part of the cast of Being Erica, where he plays the main character's friend and eventually boyfriend.


Leitso has also appeared in commercial campaigns for "Salon Selectives", "Haggar Slacks", "The Florida Board of Health", "GTS Communications" (in Europe only), and "B.C. Tel/Telus", amongst others.


  • Breaker High (1998) Brent Hardley (1 Episode)
  • First Wave (1998, 1999) David (1 Episode-'98), Peter (1 Episode'99)
  • Shutterspeed (2000) Eric Knox
  • Take Me Home: The John Denver Story (2000) Student Producer
  • Mysterious Ways (2000) Brent (1 Episode)
  • Edgemont (2001) Derek MacMahon (7 Episodes)
  • Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (2001) Prince Alfred
  • Dinotopia (2002) Karl Scott
  • My Life Without Me (2003) Guy in Bar (uncredited)
  • House of the Dead (2003) Simon
  • Wonderfalls (2004) Eric Gotts (14 Episodes)
  • Whistler (2006) Detective Rob Randall (3 Episodes)
  • Masters of Horror (2006) Rob Hanisey (1 Episode)
  • Seed (2007) Jeffery
  • BloodRayne II: Deliverance (2007) Fleetwood
  • Far Cry (2008) Operation Scientist
  • To Love and Die (2008) Robert
  • Being Erica (2009) Ethan Wakefield (24 Episodes)
  • Assault on Wall Street (2013) Spalding Smith
  • Suddenly (2013) Agent Wheeler
  • My Boyfriends' Dogs (2014) Cole
  • Family for Christmas (2015) Ben

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