Lanei Chapman

Lanei Chapman

Born: January 23, 1973
Age: 50
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, US
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Lanei Chapman (born January 23, 1973) is an American actress. She has appeared in a variety of television series and movies, including as the main cast character Lt. Vanessa Damphousse, in Space: Above and Beyond.

Chapman first appeared on television at the age of 13 in a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial.[1] She went on to appear in a number of films and television shows, including White Men Can't Jump, Seinfeld, The Wonder Years and China Beach.[2] She made her science fiction television debut in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Ensign Sariel Rager, a recurring character who served as a conn officer in numerous episodes, though she only received an on-screen credit for speaking parts in four episodes.[2][3]

She made her debut in the series Space: Above and Beyond during the pilot episode, playing main cast character Lt. Vanessa Damphousse.[1] While filming the pilot and the early part of the series, Chapman was on a leave of absence from a post-graduate film production programme at the University of Southern California.[2]

She initially auditioned with Randy Stone, senior vice-president of talent and casting at Twentieth Century Fox Television, and then two days later with David Nutter, the director of the pilot.[1] By her own admission, the character didn't have a great deal to do in that initial two-part episode, so much so that when she was required to audition, the lines she read were from a different character as they hadn't yet developed Damphousse. The writers took elements of Chapman's own experiences and backstory and wrote it into the new character's as they were developing her.[2] The series was cancelled after one season, despite an organised fan campaign to renew it.[4]


Personal life

Chapman is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in Spanish.[2] She had originally chosen to major in Drama, but switched part-way through after discovering the extent of the foreign language programme at the college.[1] She also wrote a short play while there, called Home Run,[2] which she sent to actress Chip Fields to appear in and assist Chapman in directing. She is also a qualified teacher in California, and for a short time taught kindergarten until she chose to pursue acting full-time.[1]


  • Thief
    • episode "In the Wind" (as Lanai Chapman) ...
    • episode "No Direction Home" (as Lanai Chapman) ... as Sheronda Jones
  • Dense (2004) ... as Yvette
  • The Division
    • episode "Wish You Were Here" (as Lanai Chapman) ... as Prosecutor
    • episode "Beyond the Grave" (as Lanai Chapman) ... as District Attorney
  • The District ... as Jenny McClure
    • episode "Goodbye, Jenny"
    • episode "Drug Money"
  • Judging Amy ... as Winnie Van Exel
    • episode "The Frozen Zone" (as Lanai Chapman)
    • episode "Between the Wanting and the Getting (as Lanai Chapman)
    • episode "Everybody Falls Down" (as Lanai Chapman)
  • Rat Race (2001) Merrill Jennings
  • C-16: FBI ... as Angela Robinson
    • episode "My Brother's Keeper"
    • episode "The Art of War"
  • The Pretender
    • episode "Under the Reds" ... as Julie Thorton
  • Space: Above and Beyond ... as Lt. Vanessa Damphousse
    • episode "...Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best"
    • episode "And If They Lay Us Down To Rest..."
    • episode "Sugar Dirt"
    • episode "Stardust"
    • episode "R&R
    • episode "Pearly"
    • episode "Dear Earth"
    • episode "Toy Soldiers"
    • episode "The Angriest Angel"
    • episode "Never No More"
    • episode "Level of Necessity"
    • episode "Who Monitors the Birds?"
    • episode "The River of Stars"
    • episode "Choice or Chance"
    • episode "Hostile Visit"
    • episode "The Enemy"
    • episode "Eyes"
    • episode "Ray Butts"
    • episode "Mutiny"
    • episode "Pilot"
  • The Secrets of Lake Success ... as Melanie Jones
  • Seinfeld ... as Sid Fields' Housekeeper
    • episode "The Pilot, Part 2"
    • episode "The Old Man"
  • The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992) TV Mini Series... Played Katherine's sister, name is unknown.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation ... as Ensign Sariel Rager, a conn officer of the Enterprise-D
    • silently played the role in numerous episodes, only received an on-screen speaking credit in four episodes
    • episode "Schisms"
    • episode "Relics"
    • episode "Night Terrors"
    • episode "Galaxy's Child"
  • Martin
    • episode "Things I Do for Love" (voice) ... as Caller #1
  • White Men Can't Jump (1992) ... as Lanei
  • The Wonder Years
    • episode "Kodachrome" ... as Miss Shaw
  • The Importance of Being Earnest (1992) ... as Cecily
  • China Beach
    • episode "Souvenirs" ... as Glitter
  • A Mother's Courage: The Mary Thomas Story (1989) ... Mary (16 years)

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