Kim Smith

Kim Smith

Born: March 2, 1983
Age: 40
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Kim or Kimberley Smith may refer to:



  • Kim Smith (runner) (born 1981), New Zealand distance runner
  • Kim Smith (basketball) (Kim Smith Gaucher, born 1984), Canadian female professional basketball player
  • Kimberly Smith (cyclist) (born 1968), American cyclist
  • Kim Smith (footballer) (1952-2009), Australian rules player
  • Kimberley Smith (netball player) (born 1982), Australian netball player
  • Kimberly Smith (rugby union) (born 1985)


  • Kim David Smith (born 1982/83), Australian cabaret performer in New York City
  • Kimberly G. Smith (1948-2018), American biologist
  • Kimberly K. Smith (born 1966), American historian and political science professor
  • Kim Smith (model) (born 1983), American actress and fashion model
  • Kim Walker-Smith (born 1981), American singer and songwriter
  • Birth name of Kim Wilde British singer
  • Kim Smith (Reality TV), contestant on The Amazing Race
  • Kim Smith (EastEnders), fictional character on TV soap opera EastEnders

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